There are a number of standards and laws safety products have to meet.

At Safewithme we take these seriously and thoroughly check the requirements Country by Country and obtain the approvals needed.

The standards set apply to the safety of the products and in some ways are more applicable to professional and business use, where the need for such items is required to meet Fire Safety Regulations. Domestic use is quite often given more freedom and such items are recommended but not a requirement and more down to personal preference to own one. However, our items are always tested to the standards required for professional use, ensuring the technical performance of the product is always at the very best level.

Safety products we have within our homes are not that heavily regulated. Normally we do not have them in our homes unless the law says we have to, we have have them because we care for the safety of our family and loved ones in the event of an emergency. Making the necessary items look good to match with your lifestyle, makes it easier to have them around and within easy reach. You find them when you need them.

The only difference with our range of products is the designer packaging, the performance is not compromised.

Fire blankets

Fire blankets are regulated to EN 1869:1997. Our blankets are tested against the standard every six months at SGS laboratory. We also test against the American standard ASTM F1989 − 05 (Reapproved 2013) every 12 months.

First aid kits

First aid kits are regulated by several different standards according to their usage situation. Contents for each kit are designed to meet the applicable standards and even improved. We work closely with professional first aid organisations such as Red Cross to improve the contents further. We also make our kits totally water-, shock- and dust-proof to make sure the contents stay dry and clean. All first aid kits are CE-marked.