Safe does not equal ugly slogan

We believe that making the necessary products look fabulous, it is easier to have them visible and smartly within reach.

Why should safe be ugly? Nobody wants to have ugly things around. By making thee necessary more beautiful and better, we aim to make the world a safer place. Now you can place the items where they are possibly needed, no need to hide them in the back of your drawer anymore.

Safewith.me is a true safety professional. The founders have been working with and developing safety items and shaping the industry since 1994. Today, our offering consists of state-of-the-art safety equipment that is always one step ahead of the usual. We take quality, standards and qualifications seriously. All the items are tested continuously and immediate actions taken, if needed.

We do have our own brands, Safe Does Not Equal Ugly and safewith.me, since some of the things people want to get did not exist on the market. Instead, we decided to create them ourselves.

We are constantly looking for new items to our assortment, if you think your product fulfills the criteria, do not hesitate to contact us at info @ safewith.me


Uniqueness of our products is important for us. This uniqueness can be achieved by technical innovations, attractive design, sophisticated packaging or completely out-of-the-box innovations.